Friday, February 12, 2010


My name, as you most probably have noticed, is Mitzie Ginsburg. I work in the Insurance Industry and would like to share my thoughts on this blog in the future. My goal is to answer all questions that may arise from the public as well as listen to people's honest opinions. I have been a board member/ chairperson at the FPI (Financial Planner Institute of South Africa) for quite a couple of years and have decided to step down and focus more on the quality of service delivery for my own clients as well as to give advice to to those who are in need.

Please feel free to ask questions!

This blog will grow during the next couple of weeks as there are even more amazing things to share!

I will be making contributions to a charity in the future, but I need you guys to tell me which charity should be assisted and why. I will find it extremely helpfull

Take Care!


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