Monday, February 15, 2010

How to choose a guardian for your children

How do we define a guardian?

A legal guardian is an adult that is appointed to look after your child should you and his or her other parent die before the child reaches maturity. The guardian will get custody of your child and must be named in your last Will and Testament. If you and your spouse or life partner have separate Will you should nominate the same person to avoid conflict.

Many parents also nominate an alternative person if their first choice is not willing or unable to accept the responsibility.

The right person for the responsibility

To choose the right person is not an easy task. First make a list of all the candidates and then you and your spouse or life partner can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each person. The following should be considered:

1. Who’s parenting style, values and religious beliefs are closest to yours?
2. Who is in the best position to accept the responsibility of caring for a child- emotionally, financially, physically?
3. With whom does the child feel comfortable already?
4. Would your child have to move and would that cause problems?
5. Does the person you are considering have other children? If so, would your child fit in or be left on his/ her own?
Does the person have enough time and energy to give to your child?


Ø Talk to the “candidates” and find out if they would be willing to take on such a responsibility
Ø Write down your wishes and your dreams for your child and attach the letter to your last will and testament. Consider the most important things like education, religion values etc.

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