Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The value of advice

How a financial advisor can help you achieve your goals.
A financial advisor is your financial coach. He or she is there to guide and to encourage you, but ultimately your financial fitness will depend on how much you buy into that partnership and how committed you are to your financial goals.

We all know we should exercise regurlarly and that it will keep our weight down and make us healthier- so why don't we?

It is usually because we lack discipline- it is easier to sit on a couch and just relax after a tough day in the office.
Now if we had a personal trainer arrive on our soorstep every day, we would probably find it that much easier to stick to an exercise programme.
A trainer would also be able to develop a personalised programme that suited our goals; to build muscle, we would have a more intensive weight- bearing programme; to lose weight, we would need morecardiovascular training. If we had weak areas, the trainer would recommend some exercises and avoid others so that we did not develop injuries.

A personal trainer for your financial well- being
A financial advisor is effectively a personal trainer for your financial well- being. We know we need to have a financial plan that includes paying off our debt, saving, investing and risk cover, but when are we ever going to get around to creating and implementing the plan?
A financial advisor can help set up a financial to meet your goals without taking risks that you can't afford, or maybe by taking more risks (training a bit harder) to reach those goals.
If you are tempted to dip into your savings to buy a new car, your financial advisor is there to remind you of the impact of impulsive purchases on your long- term goals. And when the markets move up or down, your financial advisor will remind you of why you made your investment decisions, so that you stay focussed on your long- term plan rather getting caught up in the emotions of newspaper headlines.

The real cost of DIY financial planning
Nowadays there are many options for DIY finances, and it can often cut fees, but at what cost?

For example, if you experienced a trauma and needed to claim on your disability cover, would you really want to try and claim through a website from your hospital bed? Or if you die, do you want your family to be worrying about getting your finances in order?

A good financial advisor will step in and deal with the paperwork- this os what they are trained to do.

Call your financial advisor today and get financially fit!!!!

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